11 Best Pre-Schools in Cape Town (2022)

It is often difficult to decide which Cape Town Preschool to choose for your children because many choose from. You will find on this page some of the best pre-schools in Cape Town so that you can find some great schools. Expat families living and working in Cape Town have personally visited or highly recommended these schools and daycare centers.

Pre-schools and childcare facilities are mainly private and can be found in most suburbs in Cape Town, catering to infants and toddlers in the neighborhood.

Beyond word-of-mouth, expat parents can also use several resources to find a pre-school that fits their child’s needs. A forum can be helpful because parents can share their positive or negative experiences with the school.

The long-term expat may be interested to know that certain pre-schools are feeder schools for some of the city’s best primary schools, so allowing their children to attend those may be advantageous later when it’s time to apply to primary schools.

Pre-schools in Cape Town

Listed below are a few of Cape Town’s most well-known pre-schools.

Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School

Early childhood education was initiated at Eastern Suburbs Pre-Primary School in 1937 to provide quality early learning to children in Pretoria. Among the school’s services is a daycare center for babies from three months to 12 months and a pre-school program for children from 1 to 12 months. Teachers and assistants are qualified. Two full meals per day, breakfast and lunch, and two snacks are included in the tuition fees.

Kidz College Nursery School

Are you tired of daycare centers babysitting your children? You’ve come to the right place! We provide tender loving care and educational opportunities for your little one in an environment that is safe and stimulating. Children as young as 18 months are welcomed at Kidz College. Children will leave our school having been developed and nurtured to be confident, confident individuals who can face the future without hesitation.

St. Francis Educare Centre

In addition to after-school care, we offer summer camps. The Sports Science Institute encourages children to complete their homework and shows them our Health Nuts program, a Community Health Intervention Program, which The Sports Science Institute provides.

Wonderland Educare

When you enroll your child at Wonderland Educare, we usually charge an enrollment fee of R 1000. Our Active Activities program enrolls your child for only R 500 because you have come to us and contacted us. That means you only have to pay R 500 for the enrollment fee. This offer applies only to the enrolment fee and does not cover school fees.

Brave little Foals

Play is the focus of our daycare, which places a premium on the children. Our goal is to provide our children with a safe learning and exploration environment where they can grow into the little superstars we know they are. Children learn safely in a loving and caring environment at Brave Little Foals without sacrificing any fun. Our goal is to provide the best possible care, we provide care for no more than eight children at a time.

Little Joey’s Academy

The school is a dual language school with a strong focus on Christian values. Children range in age from 18 months to grade R. Little Joeys Academy is owned and led by a B.Ed. Certified educator (and mother) who has been teaching for more than 12 years and is passionate about educating young children. In our pre-school, we limit the number of learners to 10 to provide individual attention to each child.

Sterretjieland Speelgroepie

In Hermanus, Sterretjieland Speelgroep (maximum 6 children at a time) is an Afrikaans playgroup for toddlers and preschoolers. It is open Monday – Thursday from 9 to 12. An experienced and qualified teacher can take care of children for a few hours while moms work. Playing and socializing in a safe and comfortable environment helps children learn.

Kleuterbos Speelskool

Kinderbos provides an exciting daily program that encourages play-based learning. You can be assured of quality education in a loving, homely environment with a maximum of 12 students, a teacher, and an assistant.

Kids Kingdom

Christian pre-school Kid’s Kingdom Pre-School. Our curriculum teaches our children the biblical worldview and the love of the world He created. This year marks our 25th anniversary! We welcome all children, regardless of race, creed, or cultural background, for children who have completed kindergarten or are turning 3 to 6 years old. We have many children who speak Afrikaans, which makes us very “tweetalig.”


The school is committed to developing each child in a personally caring, faith-based environment that produces confident, happy, stimulating children. According to my research, parents of children with ADHD, ADD, and SPD are significantly stressed. There is also little support for parents who want to share their struggles, triumphs, and experiences.

Constantia Preschool

We recognize and respect our country’s diverse community in our multi-cultural school. We honor all religions and celebrate all holidays. Students are introduced to our wonderfully diverse society through our weekly themes. The classes take place between 18 months and 6 years old.

Some Pre-School Selection Tips

Make sure you consider these factors when you are looking for the proper education for your children living abroad in South Africa:

Find out if there are any other expat children in the pre-school group in the area where you plan to live, view the facilities of the pre-schools and schools, and information about the surrounding area, which schools are feeder schools, as well as the after-school activities offered.

Take the time to read the homepages of each school. Please look primarily at the pages about the schools’ philosophy, or their ‘mission statement,’ which explains what the schools want to teach the children, what values and beliefs the schools adhere to, and how they prepare the children for a good start in school, even before entering primary school.

Aside from the pre-schools recommended to you by other expat parents, you should also consider pre-schools recommended to you by other expat parents. You can get some recommendations by joining the Expat Cape Town Facebook group.


These top pre-schools were chosen based on the feedback and experiences of our Year-Rounders. But keep in mind that various factors determine which school is best for your child and that no school is better than another. You are welcome to visit the school to determine if their curriculum, environment, teaching methods, teacher’s qualifications, and preparation are suitable for your child. Consider visiting a few schools near your home.

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