Budget-friendly activities to make learning exciting for kids

While all of us dearly love our children, we often find ourselves trying to figure out how to spend time at home with them without going crazy or breaking the bank. Even with social distancing and all the other craziness going on right now, there are plenty of fun activities you can do with your kids at home, along with their academic activities.

As long as we all make good choices now and keep ourselves separate, clean, and healthy, we will get back to our everyday lives at some point, so you should keep in mind that this too shall pass. Trying to figure out what to do with your kids can be a hassle in general. Still, it can become even more challenging when you’re trying to stick to a budget while simultaneously working remotely and watching your children.

Finding low-budget and fun kids’ activities is the best option! You can find activities both inside and outside your house. Alternatively, you can look around your community to see what you can do outside, but remember to keep small groups together and to practice social distancing while in public.

The local community often has a website that provides information about local places to visit and if they are open during this time or not. Don’t forget that you can always keep things on your list for a time when things are less uncertain if there is something you are interested in that you can’t attend now. You can keep your little ones busy and entertained while staying within your budget by undertaking various activities based on their age.

Budget-friendly learning activities for kids

Hand Painting

You can do this creative low, budget activity with kids for a while, and be sure to keep them busy and entertained. You can set up any medium your child likes, such as paper, plates, or clay. A table or an easel can be used for them to paint. Finger painting can be done in several ways. Look on websites like Pinterest for ideas on using finger paints in creative ways.

Air bubbles

Children will enjoy playing with bubbles, and the activity will not break the bank. Bubbles are always a hit with kids, but other activities like bubble gloves and bubble wands can be just as much fun. If it’s warm outside, you can fill a little swimming pool in your yard with water and soap and use the giant bubble wands.

Unpleasant activities

The thought of doing messy activities with your kids can be frightening, but if you approach it sensibly, it can be great fun for you and them. Engage them in all activity steps, from the setup to the cleanup. In this way, they can enjoy the activity and learn the importance of cleaning up afterward.

Go outside and play

 An outdoor game on a nice day can be a lot of fun! Again, if you are outside, make sure you use social distance. If you are not in your yard and stay in small groups, you can have fun, but you want to visit safe and healthy! The area offers many fun, low, budget activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Creating Play Dough

A fun activity to perform with your kids is making playdough. As well as being fun and educational, it can also be a great learning experience! After making the play dough, you can let the children pick out the colors they want and then make things with it and save them for later use. This way, they can explore using the play dough for other purposes. Want to play but don’t want to make playdough? Here’s a fun alternative. It is a budget-friendly product ordered online or bought from stores.

Senses exploration

Young children should be encouraged to engage in sensory exploration. Children can explore sensory input and learn how to play and create at an early age by using these activities. To play in whipped cream or a bucket of water, all you need is a cup and some whipped cream around the house. Kids can also make bags with glitter, hair gel, and whatever else they desire! For an inexpensive sensory kit, you can purchase equipment that gives them the same experience in a mess-free way if you would instead not do the homemade version.

Prepare slime

You can also make slime with the kids as a fun budget-safe activity. You are making slime can be both educational and creative, in addition to being fun to do. It can be filled with glitter, color, or beads, and the kids can choose what color they want to put in it. If you don’t know what ingredients you need, you can look up or buy a kit that includes everything you need.

Surface water table

Search and find activities are plentiful with water tables. Additionally, children can pour the water into cups and bowls and play with it. This is also an excellent way to improve fine motor coordination. Water tables can be made at home or purchased, but they are usually outdoor activities due to the mess water can cause. You can use a bucket, water, and whatever you want to put in it.

Games of imagination

Playing imagination games with your children is not only a fun way to spend time together, but it can also encourage your child to develop their imagination and creativity. When it comes to spending quality time and money with older children, exploration and exploring together are the best kinds of bonding. You can enjoy each other’s company while you research what you can do together.

Take part in sports together.

You can play sports with your children if you find out what they are interested in. This can be a tremendous low-budget activity to keep your whole family active and happy. If you can save a safe distance from each other, you can play in the yard or outside.

Take a stroll through your neighborhood.

Spend time together enjoying a stroll and just enjoying each other’s company. Even if you take a walk around the block to get some fresh air, it is essential to make the most of the extra time you get to spend with your kids.

Attend a class together online:

Since this virus has spread, online group apps are becoming very popular. If you are a teen or older child, you might enjoy taking a cooking or art class together at home. If you and your children want to do something educational together, taking a class together can be a fun, exciting activity for both of you. Also, you will be able to apply this new knowledge to other activities in the future.

Fun home activities

Spend time doing fun things at home and relaxing with your children. Enjoying and relaxing together is a beautiful feeling. Playing relaxing games and having chill evenings with the family at home are good ways to bond. Could you take advantage of them? In addition to saving money, they also grow in value once everyone has left home for college or the workforce.


While the above activities are a great way to enjoy free cultural events with your children, you don’t have to limit yourself to them. There are loads of different experiences that can be enjoyed out there, both indoors and outdoors, including art classes, craft sessions, cookery workshops, and one-off performances. 

So if you are looking for an affordable holiday experience, then look out for local council events and try to take inspiration from various places. And in most cases, you’ll find that the events will cater right down to your child’s age with specific activities for those aged between 2 and 16 so everyone gets to enjoy something new.

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