10 Best Selling Helicopter toys for Toddlers (2022)

Toys play an important role in kids’ lives because they act as their best friends. At present, Helicopter toys attract kids towards themselves. All these toddlers’ helicopter is made up of the best quality material with attractive features and colours. The weight of these toddler toys is comparatively less than the other toys. Also, the helicopter toys are straightforward and safe to play with; they give the parents some respite to do their other work. For this, selecting a good quality toy and easy to clean is necessary because hygiene is also an important point to notice. These helicopter toys can be easily purchased from any online and offline Store with a warranty card.

Kinds of helicopter toys for toddlers

Currently, vast and structured toys for toddlers are available. And sometimes, you find three in one toddler toy which can fly in the sky, crawl on the earth and Swim in the water. All these stories toys also come in different shapes, sizes and prints like military prints, cartoon prints etc. Also, all these toddler toys are very easy to play with; in some toys, the kid needs to pull the string and then the helicopter is all set to make fun, and other toys have a different procedure.

Review on helicopter toys for toddlers

There is use variety of helicopter toys for toddlers available with great features. Some of them are-

1. Green toys sea copter

Green toy sea copter is a plastic-based material available in orange. The weight of this toy is around one pound, and it is best for two years-8 years group-aged kids. The green toy sea copter is made to rescue an awesome eco mission. There is no and to the thrill offline and floating this toy. It is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic, and this trusty copter is good for the earth and, mostly important-safe, for the busy little ones out there playing. Currently, on Amazon, that toy is available in blue and orange colours. 

2. Fisher price DC Batman toy helicopter

The fisherman DC Batman toy helicopter is made up in China and is best for 3-8 year age kids. This toy was manufactured by fisher price, and it was released in April 2019. It is super handy for kids because its weight is around 11.8 ounces.

Quality- this toy is best for 3 to 8 age year kids. In that toddler toy, kids need to help Batman to protect the sky of Gotham city with the help of Imaginext Batcopter. For this, the kid needs to place the Bat when figuring in the cockpit, turn the thumb wheel to spin the propeller, and then the imaginative adventure starts. After it, the kid needs to snatch the villain by pressing the stimulus to transform the docking gear into a foot.

3. Vokoda Military Helicopter

The Vokoda military helicopter is made of army theme and print. It is manufactured for more than three-year-old kids, and this toy weighs around 15.2 ounces.

Features- under this toy, push N’ Go fiction power is available, which means that it can fly by simply keeping forward; also, rubber wheels books best on smooth surfaces for optimum performance. This toy is not needed to assemble because it is all set to play; a rescue basket is also included with this toy which can be pulled with the help of a crane. It is safer and more durable than the other toys; it is made up of 100% secure material, third-party lab tested, and BPA complimentary. To attracts the kids, light and sound effect is available in the toy; the military helicopter toy is made with LED front and back lights and three different sound effects. For this, the kid needs to press the button on the helicopter’s side. Three types of sounds are available in that toy: engine start, in-air flight and siren and in-air flight.

4. Fisher-price little people helicopter

Fisher-Price introduced this toy. It is best for them here to be 5-year kids. Fisher-price released this toddler helicopter in January 2019.

How to play- the voltage of fisher price little people helicopter is around 36 volts. The kid must spin the propeller or hold the pilot to play with it. Also, the kid needs to hold the pilot seat to activate the helicopter sound, phrases and music. Then it is all set to fly.

The natural sound, phrase and melody are the ideal toy to encourage kids to speculate what it’s like to sail high above the roads and look down on the city below.

5. VTech bright wheels helicopter

Vtech smart wheel helicopter is made up in China, and Vtech manufactures it. This manufacturing company has released different categories of toddler toys like aeroplanes, race cars, helicopters, fire trucks, school buses, etc.

How to play

The helicopter has a mechanical propeller that spins for fine motor development. To play it, the kid needs to push the light-up windshield on the facade of the chopper to listen to three sing-along tunes, six songs, and the letter H for the chopper to use; hank the chopper with and go!

The toy is based on the children 1 to 5 age group kids. To use this toy 2 AAA battery is required. Also, it is a very safe and durable toy and can easily be cleaned.

6. Vokodo fire rescue helicopter

Vokodo fire rescue helicopters impress kids towards themselves. All the materials used in the toy manufacture are good quality. The helicopter is modelled at a 1:16 scale of the real things and crafted with realistic features to enhance the fun for a delightful playtime. Like another Vokodo toddler toy, friction powered is also available in that toy. The propeller on the helicopter can spend by pressing the side button, including a rescue basket that is lowered with its crane. Everything is sustainably built, with 100% secure materials, lab tested, non-toxic, and BPA free. The LED front and backlight effect and sound effect is available in the toy. The effect starts when you press the button, which is discovered on the helicopter’s side. That toy is best for 3 to 7 age grouped kids.¬†

7. Green toy helicopter

green toy helicopter is made with manufactured green toys. Green toys always try to provide safe and environmentally responsible play items for toddlers. This toy is suitable for two years to eight year age level children. The weight of the Green toy helicopter is around 6.3 ounces.

About description- it is an eco-friendly chopper made in the USA from 100% reclaimed plastic milk jugs that hold power and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It features a spinning rotator and a sleek skid on the bottom for an easy landing. To attract the kid of pilot is also available in the helicopter, which fits snugly in the spacious cockpit that comes complete with a full dashboard and green toys signature 8 track. A dishwasher can easily clean that toy. The green and blue colours are available in that toy category.

8. Military helicopter toy

the military helicopter toy is available in green, introduced by HAPTIME. The light and sound effects of military helicopters attract tiny babies. That toy is made up of plastic and zinc. The weight of military helicopter toys is around 9.6 ounces.

About military toy- A large die-cast military helicopter with a rotatable propeller is available. It is very easy to use; the kid needs to press the plane and pull back, then release and let go, and the army plane will fly out. To blow the light, you need to press a black button placed at the bottom of the helicopter; at that time, it will light up and make the sound of the propeller spinning and arms clanging for about 10 seconds. That toy is suitable for more than three years for each group of kids.

9. Green toys rescue boat with helicopter

That toy is based on a boat theme made up of plastic. Green toys manufacture the rescue boat with the helicopter, which is available in red. It is specially designed to float in water and open to the dishwasher, and this boat is the perfect addition to any bathtub or poolside raft. The four sets come with a rescue boat, helicopter, captain Duck character, and pilot beer character. Every character has a different identity in the game, which makes is more enjoyable.

Features- green toy rescue bot and the helicopter has remarkable features like it is a 2-in-1 play toy that can run on land and water, with attractive colours like bright yellow, whole size helicopter nestled on the back of the red and white rescue boat. That toy comprises 100% recycled plastic with no BPA, PVC or phthalates. The toy originated in 2016 in the USA.

10. Wolvolk military helicopter

This military chopper was wolvol. It is made up of plastic and green in color. To use this toy 3A battery is required and it is suitable for 3 and more year age group children.

More description- in this toy friction power is available that helps the children to swipe the wolvol helicopter back two wheel on the floor to get it airborne, then pull it down and watch it take off on the ground. Also in destroying a long-lasting strength and use, this friction power chopper is crafted from durable plastic to withstand bumps into the wall and endless hours to play. This helicopter has been fitted with blue front lights and red backlights to include the joy. Light once will be thrilled when they press the button to see steady lights when the chopper is ready to take off. Apart from it, several other elements are present in the game that create it more enjoyable.


1.Can Toddlers play with helicopter toys?

Yes, definitively, because the excellent quality materials are used in the helicopter toy and just because it is made up for toddlers, they are BPA-free and non-toxic.

2. Is toddlers helicopter toys can be cleaned?

For safety measures, it is necessary to clean all the kids belonging along with their toys. With the help of toy cleaning, you can clean these toys daily.

3. How to assemble toddler helicopter toys?

There is no need to assemble helicopter toys because they come already assembled, but in some cases, you can do this by following the instructions that come with the toy.

4. What materials are used to manufacture helicopter toys for toddlers?

The helicopter toys for toddlers are made of good-quality plastic and rubber.

5. Do the kids need to follow tough procedures to play with helicopter toys?

Because these are made up of toddlers, the kid can easily play with these choices and enjoy the light and sound effects.


Nowadays, a huge variety of helicopter toys for toddlers are available in the market. All these toddler toys are safe and secure for the kids, and the materials used are first lab-tested and then launched in the market. Also, the procedure to play with these toys is super easy. Apart from it, the sound and effect of light attract the kids. All these company toys are affordable as well as durable. Every toy has unique themes and prints that can be chosen according to their attraction. The weight of all these toys is not that heavy and makes it super handy for the kids to play with. There needs to be a mention of a specified group to play with these toys. They can play with helicopter toys as long as they are curious.

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